Coffee And Tea


Urbanista’s trendy tea and coffee rituals are too good to miss-out on. Whether you’re catching up on your deliverables or the weekly gossip, the cozy and friendly atmosphere is the perfect surrounding to spend your afternoon in.

The La Colombe coffee we serve in-house stays true to both the skills of a European coffee roaster and the ever-evolving fine cuisine in America. It is otherwise known as a culinary coffee. It is balanced, round, consistent, deep but not overbearing in ways where it is mindful of the kitchen and designed for the palate. La Colombe gained notice amongst the US’s culinary elite and built its reputation in the finest establishments in New York and Philadelphia. Today, it has championed across states and overseas by staying true to its essence and taste.

Moreover, our tea selection of Smith Teamaker’s tea is of the finest and freshest full-leaf kind, handcrafted with hints of tonics and elixirs. The founders Steve and Kim Smith tested and perfected some of the most interesting teas in the world. They founded Stash Tea Company, which quickly grew to become America’s favorite choice. Steve perfected his tea-making flare and kept concocting new flavors inspired by all the cities, neighborhoods and cultures he has visited to date.
On that note, Urbanista wanted to cater to its clientele, the best and only way possible: by bringing you the best tea and coffee quality to enjoy in the comfort of our establishment.